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Adelaide based cardiac services

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our mission

To provide accessible, low cost, quality cardiac services to all Australians.


Allowing doctors to get quick answers to their clinical questions and provide the best possible patient care.

our purpose

Through vast clinical and management experience, a need for a more affordable and accessible cardiac service was identified and Heartpics was born.


our services include

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of your heart and it doesn’t need to be scary - it’s pretty cool actually. A probe with gel is placed onto your chest and the sonographer analyses all major cardiac structures. There is no radiation or side effects and the test provides your referring doctor with answers to important questions relating to your heart.

An electrocardiogram is a recording of your heart’s electrical activity via electrodes placed at particular points on the chest. It illustrates your rhythm, rate and strength of your electrical impulse as they move through the different parts of your heart. The standardised 12 lead ECG can help diagnose many heart related conditions. This process takes approximately 5 minutes.

Event monitor

 Despite its cute name it's a small patient activated event monitor (the size of a 50 cent piece) that can be used for 1-4 weeks. It allows patients with intermittent symptoms to be able to capture an ECG at the exact time of your symptom. This is then analysed and a report generated for the referring doctor.

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Ben is a highly skilled cardiac sonographer with over 17 years of experience in the field. He has Undergraduate and Post Graduate qualifications in cardiac ultrasound along with the required ASAR registration.


Ben has completed a Masters in Business and Administration and had significant exposure to management, with his last position being a Team Leader of the Clinical Services Team. He has extensive cardiac knowledge and has a passion for quality patient care and clinical excellence.

Outside of Heartpics, Ben enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, a nice glass of red (in moderation of course) and having a laugh.


Ben has a passion for patient care and cardiac imaging and been involved in cardiology since 2005. Clinically, he has extensive knowledge in all aspects of echocardiography including educating students and doctors.

He is also one of the only sonographers with considerable experience and qualifications in Cardiac MRI. Prior to starting Heartpics, Ben was the Clinical Services Manager at GenesisCare Cardiology SA. 
He has appropriate ASAR registrations, multiple tertiary qualifications and recently completed a Masters in Business Administration at UniSA.

When not working at Heartpics you can find Ben at home spending quality time with his family or when the surf's good, trying to sneak into a barrel or two.

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We are always looking for new opportunities and if this is a service that your clinic could benefit from, please give us a call.

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